Welcome to Petra Yoga

Petra Yoga offers a wide array of yoga classes to meet the needs of the clients. I aim to teach my clients from a holistic perspective and integrate various yoga styles ranging from very vigorous and dynamic to restorative and therapeutic.

Petra Brajdic-Mitidieri, Ph.D. started Petra Yoga in 2006 after she felt there was a need for a more complete approach in the way people practised yoga. More often than not, clients come to practice with some existing physical problems which require a more 'bespoke' program than just a regular class. Petra's expertise in various branches of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Alignment Based, Restorative and most importantly, Therapeutic yoga, enables her to give a student a completely personalised program that will give the best results possible. Petra's expertise in making her students feel better when there is a health issue makes her one of the most sought-after yoga instructors in London. She is one of a handful IAYT - certified yoga therapists and her knowledge, combined with the Yoga Wall system she has at her studio, offers the best personalised program you could ever wish for.

Yoga practice would be incomplete if, apart from the physical practice, we also didn't take into account nutrition, lifestyle, meditation and philosophy. All of these aspects are addressed in Petra's classes.

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My clients include:
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