Whether you are a complete yoga novice, seasoned practitioner or a yoga teacher, this workshop is for you. The workshop is a culmination of my extensive study and research on this subject which started 13 years ago when I met my teacher, Aadil Palkhivala.

During the three hours we are going to explore the following:

  • various methods of improving shoulder flexibility and stability;
  • relationship between the shoulder and shoulderblades;
  • healing a shoulder injury;
  • safe way of practising shoulderstand and headstand;
  • releasing the tension in the shoulders and the neck;
  • decompression of the cervical spine;
  • healthy neck curve;
  • and much more....

You will be empowered with the practical knowledge of the shoulder and neck anatomy and with plenty of exercises for improving the well-being of that region.

The workshop is limited to 6 students, making it perfect to receive the best possible tuition and explanation of the subject taught.